Sunday, May 3, 2009

Best Worst Movie but Best Worth the While Time.

Approximately 12 hours ago I said I was going to Blog about my adventures last night. Yeah, I suck. I got busy between relatives over for a BBQ dinner (yum!) and playing online poker, and no, I did not gamble with real money because that would just be stupid. Mostly since I suck at that too and would be left even more poorer than I already am. I digress.

Soooo, last night, I went to the Toronto Premiere of the film, Best Worst Movie, at the HotDocs Film Festival. The film is about one of the worst considered films ever made, Troll 2, and it is amazingly done. It's hilariously funny, heart felt and sad at parts. I love when a film constantly plays with my emotions. Also, if you don't know, Youtube's own, K80Blog had a MAJOR part in creating this film. I am so proud of her! Seeing her and a great film in one was a bonus.

I honestly cannot believe I've been blessed with the opportunity to see her again. The last time was at the 888 Youtube Gathering last year. I remember telling her then, "this will probably be the last time I ever see you", and she gave me a "shut up hoe, that ain't true look". HAHA I don't know why I said that in a ghetto-speech tone, but the moral of the story is: KATIE IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Believe it.


I also can't believe I saw another youtuber again!!! I can't get over it. As you can see, Jipsi is in the picture making a dumb face, and is/was a youtuber, but he doesn't count anymore since we're more "in real life" friends now.

Anyways, I'm babbling like crazy. Just watch her film if you can and never ever buy over-priced $15 nachos. Don't they cost 2 dollars to make?! We had went to a bar type restaurant before the film and I wasted my money. What you see here is uneaten and left for the street rats :D Meh, I really don't care so much because I hung out with Katie! That makes up for everything blah-in-this-world.

Thinking about last night is making me so happy I'd love to scream! AH.

In this moment I am grateful for all the wonderful people there are in the world. If you read this through, you are wonderful too and very patient. Thank you <3