Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Keep feeding that hand.

I went to subscribe to Katdennings today, since I love her videos and I have no idea why her subscript disappeared from my box but anyways, I got this feature for "Recommended Channels" when I did. So strange; I didn't know channels had TAGS now. Obviously they're paid partners being recommended, I wonder why mmmmmm *rolls eyes.

I guess auto-refreshing isn't good enough anymore.

I wonder who I'd be compared to.


imajeanyus said...

you know, i just subbed to someone today and the same thing happened. however, when i went to the two that they suggested (one that i'm actually already subbed to) they were not paid partners. i wonder if they are actually doing this for everyone?? if so.. interesting.. makes me wonder how they determine that you're "like" that other person to suggest you.

willdabeast88883333 said...

yeah i know that it is mostly partners on this but i do also know that channels dont have tags. when you become a partner it tells you about this. its like if 50 people are both subscribed to you and speedyconkiwi then she would be first. umm, that made no sense.

but yes, i have been told that my two that come up are FRED & MILEYMANDY. please shoot me now!

i have an idea! lets join WHATTHEBUCK's dance cru!