Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wordle Wall of Random

Upon reading JohnnyDurham19's blog post I had no idea TweetStats had a Wordle function (shown below) of the top words you use on Twitter. If you don't know, I use Twitter more than anything else I update. It's good for my A.D.D. mindset. ADD ME ;)

I love how some of the words randomly create sentences that explain my life right now...

"people feel hell days"
"make time happy"
"shit won't know life"
"ben hate" <-- HAHAHA

"hope people"

Love it!

By the way, WOW I haven't posted here in 2 months and I know I never post anywhere really these days but I'm still thinking of you all. Life just happened.



dantonn said...

my most used words are naked and love.
naked love.
i'm very pleased with this.
you cover my naked heart with love.

Nicholas said...

Work day know your time!

Mine makes a lot of sense... but apparently I tweet about work too often. Need to cut down ;), because my work day needs to know its time :D

I'm happy to see that you still use your blog.

Much, much <3 from me to you. *smooch*

Kiwi said...

i love this!! i made my own :D so pretty

zzzzzzane said...

i'm glad that life happened!

billilovesmargot said...

i'm of the privileged few that gets regular jabz attention. i would be nowhere else but in your pocket if i could darling. ;)