Monday, February 28, 2011

Creepy Colin Firth Time

Today was the Oscars aka The 83rd Academy Awards. My very last blog post was last year about the Oscars, so it's fitting that I express my current thoughts today...

It had it's moments, but it was so slow paced it just bored me in general.

I LOVE Anne Hathaway and James Franco. BUT (big butt) together they had little or no chemistry. Anne felt more like a Hollywood Star groupie as she giggled and howled at the guests like an ape and Franco didn't look interested at all. It appears he may have been chilling in a different type of "green room" all night.

Maybe I'm just cranky today? I respect them both but I think one host is better than two.

SOME HIGHLIGHTS of the evening:
- Luke Matheny, director of God of Love, fro joke and cute speech.
- Christian Bale on the verge of spewing acid man tears.
- Celine Dion made me Smile (I heart that song)
- Autotune the Oscars guiltily made me laugh.
- Cate Blanchett saying gross.
- Kirk Douglas. Old people who don't give a shiz, rock.


Dear Colin Firth,

Congrats on your Best Actor win tonight. I've loved you since Love Actually (a favourite movie of mine). You're a real good actor and you come across as a very genuine humble person. I will always follow your career and I'm still open to being your mistress.

Signed with Love,

THE VERDICT: ZZzzZzzZzz. See you next year.

Good night beautiful people.

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