Thursday, November 13, 2008

Video please.

I hardly ever want to make videos but why is it when I actually want to make a video I can't?

I badly want to make a video, especially thanking people who sent me messages of love on my birthday because it meant the world to me. Also, Johnny (JohnnyDurham19) tagged me in left-handed tag, and I shall try my best to do that one too. Johnny IS an amazing person to talk to, laugh with, discuss with...true story.

See the thing is, I don't make videos when people are home and my sister's university is on strike, meaning she's home all damn day. *shakes fist to the world.

I hope things will change soon but for now CSI:NY has already started! I have to gooooo...

Much Love <3


Andrea said...

Hello my dear Ms. Bazzy (I'm nasty),
I have officially moved from YouTube fan to stalker, just thought I'd let you know.
Here's a thought: take your camera outside or in your car where you can have some privacy! Surely there are enchanted forests in Canada... enchanted forests are perfect places to make videos.
Anyway, I hope you're doing well :)
love love love

crow tryst said...

JohnnyDurham19 said...


*feels special*

<3 <3 <3

xnightskyx said...

I love ur pj's!
sweet dreams