Saturday, November 22, 2008

Youtube LIVE thoughts

Youtube LIVE was meh, burp, blah. I could of done without.

but...this picture of Jaaaaaaa aka Lisa Nunes [William Sledd is hilarious] & sailme90 makes me happy! If you don't know, William called Julia "Lisa" like a fool.

I can safely say I look forward to these two's videos all the time.

Also, the Diamond Factory (ala LisaNova) worked the whole damn event. She made her face known. Well done on the marketing and costume changes.

Again, the event was nothing too exciting, and mostly boring for the most part but nothing ever went horribly wrong; which looks good on YT. I just wanted to see people I adore in the audience and background. A group chat with the lovers via MSN (old school) made watching the event bearable.

In Youtube We Trust [lies]

Why am I writing this post? :D

If you really want to know what I'm thinking. I'm thinking the event was just some ego jerk circle. There I said it! <3


Barry Aldridge said...

Im glad I didnt watch Youtube Live. I have heard so much mixed responses to it.

Scumbag Sam said...

youtube live does seem like the opposite of what youtube is all about. I get the meetings etc. and getting to see all the regulars face to face - fun funs!
But a 'televised' show is a bit of a contradiction.. maybe it isnt. I don't know! I just thought I would comment! lol...
on a side note. my word verification word is BABLY... its so fitting.

Peter said...

That last comment - my thoughts exactly. I'm sure everyone else is thinking it too.

xnightskyx said...

yup a big ego circle indeed

Anonymous said...

I think all they would have needed would be a big ol' party (like before) with an open-mic thing going in one area, so that those who wanted could get up and say/do their piece.

Youtube isn't about production value, it's about people.

Tina With An Exclamation Point said...

I didn't even watch it lol i didnt even really know there was gonna be a youtube live show but im guessing i really didnt miss much