Monday, October 27, 2008

Feeling numb & new.

I could sleep ALL DAMN DAY and not move. I am both very physically and emotionally exhausted from the countless hours of standing, moving around, dealing with (asshole) people, and the lack of sleep I’ve gotten from volunteering for "Planet in Focus". Yet I still enjoyed it and plan on volunteering again.

Also, It feels weird not commenting back to people on my last video since I always try too but Youtube can wait until this paralyzing feeling wears off.

Finally, the heater has been fixed (almost one week later), as of today. Yay for warminess. Speaking of coldness, I am supposed to wash my newly dyed hair with cold water (to maintain the colour) but HELL NO! No cold water for me in this weather. Therefore, the colour will fade. Meh, there are bigger problems like people dying. I had the chance to watch some films at the festival; very uplifting and sad. When I'm complaining about stupid shit (like my hair), I try to remember what I have...which is a lot more than some, even if I don't have that much.

I have to close my eyes for a bit. Much Love.


Logan said...

I love it when you remind me what a wonderful person you are, inside and out. <3

Eshniner Forest said...

Its really ok believe me!! :)

billilovesmargot said...

fake sleeper!!! hahahaha

Tina With An Exclamation Point said...

I wonder who takes pics of your sleeping lol :DI really do love your hair