Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Simple update.

People! It's October, whaaaaat?!

Times are a changing, but remaining somehow.

By the way, I've traded a hobby with another.

Sometimes when you love something to death it gets boring. If there's no passion in what you do, don't bother. Breaks are nice.

Also, I've forgotten how much I missed doing photography. I used to heavily do it before Youtube. Obviously the photo of me is complete crap since I couldn't get an angle, but I found it weird just to post photos of a 'random' guy :D

The photos were taken on the day I went to a book fair (Sunday). I'm reading more too. Books are sexy.


Be well everyone.


xnightskyx said...

I love the fall its just right. I hope it turns out to be a wonderful one. Enjoy yourself and have fun with getting back into the swing of things with the photography :)

RnB said...

Looks cool...why don't U merge youtube & photography. It could be done. Possibly quite easily too.

The layout of pictures you posted is quite active

I paint but usually not too often unfortunately. It makes me excited to draw & paint when I have the time to though.

Books are good too. my problem with books is getting good recommendations. There are libraries but picking one up at a bookstore is sometimes more convenient.

The problem with books is that you can't really preview them before buying unless you're in a huge chain store. Smaller bookstores usually get on you for "loitering" & it makes the whole book buying experience a bit negative

there I go with the ranting again, :-D

zzzzzzane said...



Scumbag Sam said...

IT IS OCTOBER! it is slightly mental.. its almost christmas.. but halloween first! can't forget that! :)
If you are loving photography, you should start putting some stuff up here! I love looking at other peoples work!! :)

And please please pleasem if you have any book suggestions, you gotta let me know, I am in such a book mood at the moment its just supid... i can't stop reading, but i need to expand my reading horizens! :)

Tina With An Exclamation Point said...

Books are sexy!!
I want to go to a book fair...
I dont think we have them here

Anonymous said...

Books aren't nearly as sexy as YOU! Booyah!