Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In need of a warm hug.

So today was the first official sighting of snow; tough it was light and more like rain it still foreshadowed what is to come. I must admit that though I really enjoy the snow and cold I only really do so with warm things near by, such as a warm coffee, fireplace, jacket and/or cuddle. We're (I) spoiled that way.

Unfortunately, the heater in my house has broken down and for some stupid reason the air conditioner was on for over 3 hours. I think my dad thought heat would magically appear...ugh.

I'm way too cold for the Internet and doing Youtube stuff today, as commenting or watching videos so I shall sleep soon, but I did get this comment exceed code tonight which made me smile with irony. I want warminess. Anyways, I have to be up at 6:00am tomorrow. Yay!. Bye lovelies. Oh and I want to thank everyone who leaves me comments on my ramblings. I really am flattered and feel the love.

Be well everyone!

I'm off to snuggle warm in my bedsheets.

P.S. I really want one of these:


RnB said...

warminess. I wanna work that into a conversation.

myjivajj which is my word verification code for this message just doesn't have the same magic.

I love Hot beverages vs. Snow. That being said I'm from the west coast so my version is more extreme rain storm with a hot beverage.

Hanne said...

Alas, I too want snow and warminess!
(nice blog by the way, it's my first time here)

Jennfabulous said...


billilovesmargot said...

ahhh! i love the new layout... the cloud looks just like you.


Chris Eff said...

that little cloud of yours is gonna rain down some warminess, i can sense it. my comment verification word is offly.. meh.

zzzzzzane said...

something that resembles snow in october...oh gosh.
i am not missing that about canada.
sending warminess and hugs from taiwan!