Sunday, October 19, 2008

Like a fat kid eating cake.

I decided to change my layout here. I am quite content. Anyways...

So one of my loyal subscribers who has always been good to me, PM'ed me and told me I was getting fat (excuse me while I pause to laugh), which is probably true since I eat like a fat cow with no worries in the world. Actually, I eat more than ever before so excuse me while I eat a cookie while typing this and gaining the 40 pounds I have lost since last year back. Also, let me post a picture of a yummy carrot cake and tart for all you skinny health people. I had milk with the tart, that's healthy enough right?! haha no. Honestly though, I'm not dying and I'm happy, and that's all that matters. I just think it's funny that people will go out of their way to call you fat out of "concern".

In other news, my grandma is in the hospital which has put me in a weird mental state, but we can't live thinking people will live forever, because they won't. I'm more sad at the fact that she is or may be suffering. Suffering is a part of life but so is sadness. Therefore, I am sad.

Oh and I bought a headband and sometimes my camera works and doesn't. It's very picky :D



RnB said...

I like the new look of the page. It's very eye catching. Excessive eating tends to happen towards this time of year. Then we all get these ridiculous resolutions to do things differently.

Don't worry so much. Hope your Grandma is alright. Years ago my Grandma was sick. I was still really young but she pulled through. Life isn't forever though. Just enjoy people while they're around.

Logan said...

You are all kinds of wonderful.

Know what? Find that bitch that called you fat and eat him/her. :D

munchkinhugs said...

1) I hope your grandma is okay *hug
2) I heart your new layout muchly
3) Fat? Fat?! I think they misspelt phat.

I love your stuff =)

Anonymous said...

Irregardless of YOUR specific situation, I just don't like the word fat. It's so subjective. Sure, one might be above the percieved ideal weight for one's height, but I know people who are huge and don't look fat at all. It's all about our body type in my opinion. Marit's not of "ideal" weight, but she looks fantastic and has a very feminine shape and frame.

As for you... I was too busy sexing you up in my mind to notice anything regarding how thin/fat you are.

Scumbag Sam said...

I hope your Grandma is ok! Sending happy thoughts your way and hers!

Liking the layout too! Its so unfair to post pictures of carrot cake on your blog. You DO realise that I now want one like nothing I have ever wanted before... mmmmm... cake.

On a side note, if someone has actually called you fat in a serious way I am shocked and appauled. I agree with Munchkinhugs - they were supposed to type Phat, you know, the PH sometimes catches people out, and its up to the rest of us to correct their spelling! ;)

Tina With An Exclamation Point said...

mmmmmm carrot cake!

i lost weight once like 50 and ive nearly gained it all back :l

ben robot said...

grab my luv handle <3

AngelWest said...

I wish we could disappear in the land of carrot cake.

Roger Lee said...

fuck that,

eat when you're hungry stop when you're not.

i'd eat cake with you.

(that makes me sound creepy right?)